This HSS event an introductory performance driving event.  You will have an instructor with you at all times – during the morning exercises and during the afternoon track sessions.  

At a National Capital Chapter HSS, with an instructor in your car. you will be able to explore your car’s capabilities, approach your car’s limits under controlled conditions, and practice the skills needed to control your car safely within those limits. 

BMW CCA Membership is NOT Required for the HSS.  In 2018 and moving forward, at time of HSS registration, you are not required to be a BMW CCA club member. Anyone, non-members and members alike, can register for NCC HSS program. Note that this policy applies ONLY to the HSS and not to other programs or events.


As of 2017, Snell 2010 and later helmets are required.  SNELL 2005 rated helmets are no longer authorized for use. A helmet is required for the afternoon sessions at the HSS.

Vehicle Requirements:

Trucks, vans, and motorcycles are NOT permitted!
SAVs and SUVs are permitted if they meet rollover requirements and with approval of the Chief Instructor. Please contact us before registration if you are thinking of using an SAV or SUV.
Convertibles are permitted without roll bars.  Speeds are limited to 70 MPH (for all vehicle types) to allow this.
Race cars are not allowed for this event since this is considered an introductory performance driving event.
Street Tires only please: The use of R Compound tires is NOT allowed at this event since it is an introductory performance driving event and the use of R Compound tires will not allow the student to learn the limits of their car in a manner consistent with this type of event.
The Chief Instructor has the final determination on the safety of all vehicles prior to admittance on track! If you are uncertain, please contact us prior to registration to confirm.