Pre-registration, including general admission only, is strongly advised.
It will help expedite the check-in process at the gate.


With an event this big, we are going to need a plethora of volunteers. The areas we need help will include:

  1. Day before ChapterFest set-up – This includes setting up safety barriers, tables, chairs, cones, filling ballast barrels for tents and safety barriers and other tasks that may arise.
  2. Day of ChapterFest – Check-in, parking and traffic directors, course workers for Street Survival and AutoX, entrance workers for restricted areas, breaking down safety barriers, tables and chairs and other tasks that may arise.
  3. If you are an instructor or "A Group" student in the drivers school, we still need more instructors.  You will not have to instruct for the entire day (unless you want to).  We are asking instructors to work either the morning session or the afternoon session.  This will leave you time to enjoy the other ChapterFest offerings.
    Please volunteer your time, knowledge and skills to help Street Survival at ChapterFest execute successfully.  ChapterFest will help bring a greater public awareness of this worthy and much needed program.

All working volunteers will receive an event staff t-shirt to make you easily identifiable to our guest.

Qualifications standards for volunteer:

  1. Must be 18yrs of age or older.
  2. Willing to follow instructions from team leads
  3. Friendly demeanor

Please contact the volunteer coordinator with name, best contact number, BMW CCA # (if you have one), 3 tasks you are interested in order of preference.