Pre-registration, including general admission only, is strongly advised.
It will help expedite the check-in process at the gate.

Do It Yourself - Cost: $11 for one hour of lift time

bend pak


liftA special thanks to BendPak for donating the use of four HD-9 4-post lifts and two RJ-45 Bridge jacks.

We will run a condensed version of our normal DIY program.  This is due to we do not want someone to get stuck in a job and hold up a car lift.  Also participants will not have the normal assistance of our host shop technicians.  The lift time is limited to one hour and to fluid changes excluding coolant, brake service (fluid change, rotors and/or pads) and tire service.  Participants are responsible for supplying their own tools specific to the job they are working on and the parts and fluids needed.

At the end of ChapterFest, BendPak is extending a special offer to attendees toward the purchase of the lifts and jacks used for the DIY.  The price for the HD-9 4-post lifts is $2000.00 for each lift.  These lifts regularly sale for $2695.00.  The RJ-45 Bridge jacks will sale for $850.00.  They regularly sale for $1250.00.  The purchasers would be responsible for transport and set up at their location.  We will pass along the contact information of the BendPak crew used to set up the equipment at ChapterFest to the purchasers.  Depending on where you live the ChapterFest chairperson may be able to help with delivery of the unit to your address.  BendPak will also give any of our valid members a 5% discount of any BendPak or Ranger Products for 30 days following ChapterFest.

Please send questions concerning DIYs and purchase of the BendPak equipment to