Pre-registration, including general admission only, is strongly advised.
It will help expedite the check-in process at the gate.

Concours d'Elegance - Cost: $27

car showConcours is a "clean-car contest" and car show where your car is judged by its condition, appearance and cleanliness. It's fun, lightly competitive and helps perpetuate the care and feeding of your beloved BMW!




Everyone knows that a well cared for car (both mechanically and cosmetically) is worth more than one that has not been maintained.


Two requirements to keep in mind: 

  1. Cars may only be entered by the legal registered owner.
  2. All cars & owners wishing to be judged must be registered and in the designated Concours area by exactly 10:00 am.

For ChapterFest we will judge in the following classes:


Vintage Class ~ pre-80s cars including 3er E21, 5er E12, 6er E24, 7er E23 (excluding 2002s)
2002 Class ~ 1968-1976 2002s.
Modern 80s ~ 3er E30; 5er E28 & E34; 7er E32.
Modern 90s ~ 3er E36; 5er E39; 7er E38; 8er E31; Z3s.


People's Choice awards will be presented in two classes.  Cars competing in the 4 above classes cannot compete for People's Choice. This class is for BMWs and Minis manufactured after 2000.


Attendees will choose the people's choice winner via ballot obtained during check-in. The car receiving the most votes will be presented the award. Concours judges will have no influence in the winner of People's Choice.


We will also have an area for cars not being judged, but the owner would like to have them on display for attendees to salivate over.  There is no fee associated with this area.