Pre-registration, including general admission only, is strongly advised.
It will help expedite the check-in process at the gate.

Autocross - Cost: $21

AM Session
6:00 - Paddock opens (if you arrive before 7am, we will tech your car)
7:00 - Check-in Closes, Tech Open & Course Open For Walking
7:40 - Mandatory Drivers' Meeting
8:00 - First Car Off

PM Session
12:00 - Check-in Closes, Tech Open & Course Open For Walking
12:40 - Mandatory Drivers' Meeting
01:00 - First Car Off


autocrossNo walk-ups will be allowed on the day of ChapterFest.

Autocross is a motorsports event that emphasizes car control and performance handling.  Autocross differs from track events in that it typically remains under 60 mph, has less straight-aways and more turns. Events are frequently held in large parking lots using traffic cones to define a course on which drivers compete against the clock. There is no passing or rubbing of fenders since cars are always separated from each other and do not compete in the same manner as race car drivers. Since there is little chance of hitting anything beyond small traffic cones, there is little potential for damage to your car.


There are several classes in which you can register, so you don't have to worry about modifying or un-modifying your existing car.  At the end of each of your runs, you will be given your time with any penalties you accrue.  For numbering your car, you can use white shoe polish on the windows or blue painter’s tape.


When you arrive at the ChapterFest venue, you will go through check-in and proceed directly to tech inspection and the paddock area. Tech will open at 7 am, but if you arrive before 7 am you will be taken care of and allowed access to the paddock.  Tech inspection is required of all vehicles autocrossing.  You will also be required to remove all loose items from the vehicle, including the driver's floor mat.

Helmets must be worn by all participants during all course runs. All helmets must be rated at least the current Snell rating or the immediate two prior ratings (e.g., if currently available standard is Snell 2010, then Snell 2005, then 2000 is required). Helmets may be either SA or M rated.   All participants must possess a valid unrestricted driver’s license.

Autocross this year at ChapterFest will be a non-points events.

Please send any questions you have to


autocross classes and groups
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